How To Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents During This Rainy Season

Slip and fall accidents happen for a variety of reasons.  However, they can mostly be caused by the following:

  1. Failure to maintain the premises by the owner. The owner or the manager of the premises should frequently inspect areas and keep them free of debris, liquid, or anything that could cause a fall and repair broke tiles or pavement, sidewalks or damaged carpet.
  2. Defectively constructed building. A defective design or construction of a premises can also cause a fall accident.  Missing guardrails, poorly constructed stairs or other building code violations are not as easily discoverable, until an accident happens.
  3. Poor lighting. Proper lighting in and out of the buildings need to be maintained.

Broken bones, fractures, back injuries, herniated disks, disk bulges, head injuries, ankle sprain and strains, wrist or hand injuries are common results of slip and fall accidents.

Before you suffer any injuries in a slip and fall accident, you can take the following preventative measures:

Wear proper shoes with proper traction on wet floors, snow or ice.

  • Pay attention to where you step into.
  • Take smaller, slower steps – avoid running in the rain.
  • Walk within the walkways and avoid going through prohibited areas.
  • Dry your shoes on mats, before entering covered areas.

In case of injuries, resulting from any slip and fall accident, contact one of our experienced slip and fall lawyers, in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange or Riverside Counties.  With offices in Century City, Huntington Park, Encino, Rancho Cucamonga, Irvine and Temecula, we are always ready to help you with any serious injury claim.  A Free Consultation is only a phone call away!

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