A Car Crashes Through The Window of a Restaurant in Los Angeles.

A car lost control and went through the window of a popular Asian restaurant in downtown Los Angeles injuring several people. Serious accidents such as this, happen too often, resulting in death and injuries to bystanders and motorists alike. Most of us remember the deadly accident in Santa Monica some years ago, where a driver lost control and plowed through Farmers Market, killing and seriously injuring several people.

An experienced personal injury attorney, can assist an injured individual in determining who are the responsible parties in such complex circumstances. For example, in the case of the accident in Santa Monica, the attorneys for the injured shoppers, successfully argued that the City of Santa Monica was in part liable for the injuries to their clients for its failure to install proper barriers that would protect them.

Similar arguments maybe appropriate in the case involving a car crashing through a restaurant in Los Angeles, injuring its patrons. If such an accident was foreseeable and the restaurant failed to take reasonable steps to prevent it, then the restaurant and the at-fault driver can be held liable at the same time.

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