Woman Settles Her Case Against the County of Los Angeles For $1.175 Million

Many times after an accident, an injured individual is victimized again by negligence of people who are supposed to care for them.  Unfortunately due to reasons that are beyond the scope of this article, emergency rooms in many urban areas, are overcrowded, understaffed or run by over worked and under trained personnel.  Emergency rooms in Los Angeles, are no exception.

Recently the County of Los Angeles had to pay $1.175 Million to a patient, who was transported to UCLA Harbor Medical Center after an accident, where she was supposed to be treated for her injuries.   The patient claimed in her lawsuit against Los Angeles County, that her vessel walls were injured when a procedure was improperly performed.

The injuries she sustained at the hospital, in the hands of the doctors, were probably far worst than the ones she had suffered as a result of the auto accident.

As it was the case in the mentioned scenario, it takes an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure that all responsible parties are held accountable.

An aggressive Los Angeles injury lawyer can go after the at fault driver, owner of the at fault vehicle, or the doctors and nurses who improperly treat the injured person.   In analyzing our clients’ cases, we review the records and consider all the facts before determining who the liable parties maybe.

In many cases, there maybe more than one person or entity that contributed to the circumstances that causes injuries.  By consulting with a Los Angeles injury lawyer, you can learn more about your rights in each individual injury case.

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