What is Medical Payment (Med-Pay) Coverage and Why Should I Purchase it?

Many auto insurance carriers in California offer Medical Payment or Med-Pay Coverage, when selling automobile insurance.  Medical Payment Coverage provides benefits to the occupants of a vehicle who get injured in an automobile accident.  In some circumstance it may also provide coverage to the insured individuals, if they are injured in any other type of automobile related accident, such as pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or if injured in another person’s vehicle.

Medical Payment Coverages are usually either “Reimbursable” or “Non-Reimbursable”.  The Reimbursable type of Medical Payment Coverage requires the benefits to be paid back to the insurance carrier, if and when the injured person receives compensation for the injuries from a third party.  The Non-Reimbursable type of coverage, does not have such a requirement.

Medical Payment Coverages can also be either “Primary” or “Excess”.  Primary Medical Payment Coverages, pay any medical bills that are incurred as a result of a covered loss.  Excess Medical Payment Coverages, only pay the medical bills or portions of medical bills for covered losses, that are not covered by individual’s health insurance.

Depending on the type of Medical Payment Coverage, the policy language, and other considerations in each individual case, an experienced auto accident attorney, maybe able to negotiate a resolution to maximize recovery to the injury victim.

Contact one of our experienced accident attorneys to learn more about your auto insurance coverage, before you ever need to use it.

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