Making Drunk Drivers Pay For Your Injuries.

Drunk drivers pose a disproportionately higher risk to everyone on public roads and highways.  Accidents involving drunk drivers involve complex legal issues that can be best handled by a personal injury attorney.

If you are a pedestrian, motorcyclists or driver of a car and have been injured by a drunk driver, you maybe entitled to recovery for your injuries.    Other than special damages such as medical bills, loss of earnings, property damage and general damages such as pain and suffering, you may also obtain punitive damages which is designed to punish the defendant.   

Drunk driving victims may also be entitled to restitution if the drunk driver is prosecuted for the offense.  This would be in form of a direct payment from the drunk driver to the victims and is part of the criminal case proceeding.

Since many drunk driving accidents tend to involve more serious injuries and even death, contacting an experienced California injury lawyer is strongly recommended. 

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