What You Need to Know About Your Personal Injury Case, Before Settlement.

In the early stages of an injury claim, it is difficult to predict when the claim will actually settle. Some cases will settle only months after the injury, while others may take years to reach settlement or trial. Furthermore, your lawyer will wait for your complete or near recovery before trying to settle.

Consider the following:

  • What is the total medical bill?
  • Do I need any further medical 
  • If I need further medical treatment, 
what is the expected cost?
  • Are any of my injuries permanent?
  • If I suffered any permanent injuries, 
have they affected my earning 
  • What is the total amount of income 
and other employment benefits that I 
have lost as a result of my injuries?
  • Do I foresee any further loss in income because of my injuries? 
As the case progresses, your lawyer will be able to estimate exactly when the case should be ready for settlement. 

How Long It Takes to Reach Settlement After the First Letter of Demand?

In most cases, going from the first letter of demand to the final settlement is a process that takes weeks or even months. Some cases may take even longer. Clear-cut liability cases that involve minor injuries are usually resolved in 1-2 months. But every case is different, and your lawyer will inform you of the wait time typical for your kind of case.

Factors That Influence the Adjuster’s Final Offer:

  1. The amount of files handled by the insurance adjuster.
  2. How effectively you documented the claim during the preparation period.
  3. Confirming liability on the part of the insurance’s company’s client.
  4. Possible existence of comparative negligence on your part.
  5. Determining whether another party may be responsible for your injuries.
  6. The internal claims process of a given insurance company, including the number of supervisors who must approve the adjuster’s final offer.
  7. Whether the amount demanded by your lawyer is reasonable.
  8. The time of the year (some months are better for settlement, while others are not).
  9. The state of the economy affecting the insurance claims process.
  10. Other possible factors.


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