Tragic Fatal Head On Auto Accident in San Bernardino Claims Life of A Local Man

Recently a horrific head on collision on Highway 18, in San Bernardino, near Rancho Cucamonga, caused the death of a forty-eight year old local man, said the Police.

The twenty year old man, who was driving a Ford F250 pick up truck was traveling at a high rate of speed, when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed over the median and struck the other vehicle, head-on, causing the death of the driver.  There are also allegations of the responsible driver being under the influence, while driving.

The family of the deceased man, can and should bring a wrongful death action against the responsible driver.  Given the excessive speed and being under the influence, the family of the deceased man, may also be entitled to punitive damages, in this case.  An experienced injury lawyer in San Bernardino, would be needed to pursue a claim for punitive damages.

Usually in cases of injuries, resulting from automobile accidents, car accidents, bus accidents, trucking accidents, or other types of vehicular accidents, injured parties, only get compensatory damages.  However, in cases where gross negligence or reckless conduct can be proven, such as in the instance case, punitive damages can also be recovered.   An aggressive wrongful death lawyer should be consulted in such accident cases.

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