Employer May Be Liable in a Fatal Car Accident in Orange County

A tweny-three year old motorcyclist was fatally injured in an auto accident in Garden Grove, that involved an executive of one of the world’s largest automakers. The attorney for the family of the deceased motorcyclist, claims that the executive, who was drinking heavily at a company function, fled the scene of the accident, after fatally injuring the motorcyclist. The next day, the executive, was allegedly helped by his coworkers to leave the country.

Such serious injury accidents often happen during this time of the year, due to many office holiday parties that take place. These events are usually sponsored by the employers and are often held at restaurants, bars and other establishments that serve alcohol. In most circumstances, employees are encouraged to attend and participate in the festivities, which often involve drinking.

Under these types of circumstances, the injured party may have a claim for injuries, not only against the negligent and responsible driver, but also may be able to hold the employer responsible for the accident.

Although, these accidents are not limited to Orange County or Los Angeles County, many of our local employers have a longstanding tradition of extravagant holiday parties, which may result in similar car accidents, injuring innocent bystanders.

An experienced California Personal Injury Attorney can properly investigate each and every injury claim to determine an employer’s possible liability.

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