Deadly California Truck Accident Claims Multiple Lives

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles often result in serious and devastating damages to anyone in the vicinity of the collision. California experiences some of the highest numbers of fatal trucking accidents in the country. Yearly, there are approximately 113 fatal California truck accidents and almost 3,000 truck accidents resulting in injuries. The majority of these accidents occur on the highway in and around Los Angeles County. Those who suffer injuries or experience a loved one’s death after a California trucking accident should contact experienced attorneys to discuss their rights and remedies.

Many California truck accidents involve negligent conduct on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. In addition to truck defects and malfunction, many California accidents involve driver fatigue, distraction, and impairment. These accidents often cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, paralysis, organ damage, broken bones and fractures, and permanent disfigurement.

For example, a recent harrowing California accident between an SUV and tractor-trailer resulted in devastating injuries and fatalities. According to a national news report, footage revealed that two SUVs were traveling near a steel border fence when one of the vehicles burst into flames shortly after crossing through the fence. Another SUV continued through the fence and slammed into a tractor-trailer. When police responded, they discovered that 12 people died in the accident. Some individuals were thrown from the SUV upon impact, whereas others were inside the car. Another person died at the hospital, and six others received treatment for serious injuries.

A preliminary investigation revealed that authorities do not know the vehicles’ speed or whether either party was violating traffic laws. However, one of the SUVs was carrying more people than the vehicle was designed to hold. Further, identification is posing challenges because many of the victims were Mexican citizens, and it is unclear whether they were a part of a smuggling operation.

This case highlights one of the more complicated California trucking accidents; however, every case presents unique challenges. Those involved in a trucking accident should seek immediate medical attention and preserve as much evidence as possible. Accident victims and their families should take steps to memorialize the accident scene, collect witness information, and retain medical documentation. These steps can provide critical substantiation for any future personal injury claims.

Have You Been Involved in a California Accident?

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