We often get calls from potential clients, as well as current clients with concerns regarding positions insurance companies take to justify making low and unreasonable settlement offers for legitimate injury claims. Even in cases where liability is seemingly clear and the insurance company has accepted responsibility for the loss caused by their insured, they often find any reason imaginable to avoid paying up.

Here are some commonly used tactics by the insurance company adjusters in an effort to minimize what is an otherwise serious injury:

It is a low impact accident! Therefore, it could not have caused any injuries. Although, this maybe a legitimate defense in some case, it is used more and more by large insurance companies to undermine very serious injuries that can in fact be caused even in a very minor accident. Documenting your injuries and getting timely medical attention is helpful in countering such an unfair evaluations of your injuries. An experienced California Injury Attorney, can assist you in getting compensation for your injuries.

OK, you are injured! But you were injured before this accident. This is a common position for the insurance adjusters to take, especially when the injured party is an older individual. Most of us have some references of prior injuries and even possibly previous accidents in our medical records. This does not mean that the person who causes a re-injury or an aggravation of a previous injury is not required to compensate you. Very often, people with existing injuries are asymptomatic (injuries do not present themselves) until an accident triggers them. You can benefit from advice of an experienced injury lawyer in dealing with such cases.

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