Charter Bus Full of Employees Crashes on the Way to Holiday Party

Earlier this month, a charter bus carrying upwards of 30 people to a workplace holiday party was involved in a serious accident on Highway 101, near the Cesar Chavez St. off ramp in San Francisco. According to a recent news report, the accident occurred shortly after 8 p.m. after the bus began fishtailing for an unknown reason. Once the driver of the bus lost control, the bus flipped over onto its side, blocking all of the lanes of traffic. Thankfully, no other cars were involved in the collision.

In total, nearly 30 people were taken to the hospital with varying injuries. Witnesses to the accident told reporters that at least two people were unconscious and trapped inside the bus until emergency responders arrived on scene and were able to remove them from the bus.

Police spoke with the driver of the bus, who told them that he was not sure why the bus began to fishtail, but it may have been due to “excessive speed.” The driver remained on the scene and assisted the victims before getting any medical treatment himself. Police do not believe that alcohol was involved, but the accident is still under investigation.

Liability in California Bus Accidents

Bus drivers, like other commercial drivers, have a duty not just to those with whom they share the road but also to their passengers. This duty requires bus drivers to safely operate the vehicle at all times and refrain from common distractions while driving. When a bus driver’s negligence results in an accident, anyone injured as a result can seek compensation for their injuries through a California personal injury lawsuit.

Of course, not all bus accidents involve driver error. In some situations, an accident is caused due to a defective part or an improperly maintained vehicle. In these cases, the company in charge of maintaining the bus or the company that manufactured the defective part may be liable to any accident victims.

It is important for California bus accident victims to keep in mind that there may be more than one responsible party, and determining which parties to name in a lawsuit is a crucial decision. Indeed, an accident victim’s failure to name all of the potentially liable parties in a lawsuit may result in a situation in which the named defendants are able to shift liability onto a non-present defendant, effectively defeating the accident victim’s chance of recovery.

Have You Been Injured in a California Bus Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a California auto accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and any pain and suffering you endured as a result of the accident. To learn more, and to speak with an attorney about your case, call Sharifi Firm at 866-422-7222 to schedule a free consultation.

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