California Truck Accidents Caused by Equipment Failures

Semi-trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road, weighing up to 80,000 pounds once fully loaded with cargo. Needless to say, given the size and weight of these trucks when loaded with cargo, semi-trucks pose a major danger to all motorists. Indeed, according to the California Highway Patrol, there are over 5,000 California truck accidents each year. Of those, about 270 resulted in at least one fatality.

While there are many causes of California truck accidents, one of the significant causes is equipment failure. An equipment failure may result due to the mechanics of the semi-truck, to the hardware used to connect the truck to the trailer, or to the trailer itself. A few of the systems that are frequently involved in an equipment failure are:

  • The truck’s braking system;
  • The trailer hitch used to connect the truck and trailer;
  • Tire blow-outs;
  • Broken mirrors; and
  • Malfunctioning headlights or turn signals.

As a general matter, truck drivers and the companies that employ them are responsible to ensure that all trucks are in safe working order. A part of this duty requires that truck drivers conduct a visual check of all equipment prior to each trip. In addition, routine maintenance should be performed according to manufacturer specifications and documented. When someone is injured in a California truck accident, they may be entitled to monetary compensation from the truck’s driver as well as the trucking company.

Dump Truck Accident Blamed on Faulty Brakes

Earlier this month, several people were seriously injured in an accident involving a dump truck and seven other vehicles. According to a local news report, the dump truck was hauling away debris left behind by a nearby wildfire. As the dump truck was traveling down a steep decline, the truck failed to stop at a red light that was at the bottom of the hill. As the truck traveled into the intersection, it crashed into the vehicles waiting for the light to change. Several of these vehicles caught fire.

In all, seven people were injured, and three were hospitalized with serious injuries. The truck driver told police that the brakes gave out on the way down the hill, and he was unable to stop the truck. However, police have not yet determined that equipment failure was the cause of the accident, and they have begun an in-depth investigation into the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a California Truck Accident?

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