Caitlyn Jenner Faces Second Lawsuit Stemming from Southern California Fatal Car Accident

A second lawsuit was reportedly filed against Caitlyn Jenner, following a fatal car accident that happened in February in Southern California.

Jenner reportedly was not injured in the accident and declined medical treatment at the scene, according to authorities. The accident reportedly occurred on a tricky stretch of the highway, where the road is narrow and twists.

Most car accidents are the result of negligence rather than intentional misconduct. In California, all drivers owe a duty to other drivers on the road to use reasonable care while driving. If a driver fails to use reasonable care and causes a car accident, injuring someone else, the driver can be held responsible for the damages that arise from the accident through a personal injury lawsuit.

A wrongful death cause of action stems from a claim that a person or entity wrongfully or carelessly caused the end of another person’s life. The decedent’s survivors can bring a civil suit under Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 377.60 against the person or entity that caused the harm to recover damages. Unlike a criminal homicide case, fault is expressed solely through monetary damages that the court orders an at-fault defendant to pay to the survivors. In California, only specific survivors can file a wrongful death suit. These relatives include the decedent’s surviving spouse and children or domestic partner, the decedent’s parents or siblings, nieces and nephews, grandparents or lineal descendants, and individuals who were financially dependent upon the decedent.

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to understand your rights so that you can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. In addition to medical expenses, you may be entitled to additional compensation, such as lost wages. The lawyers at Sharifi Firm, APC have significant experience in handling car accident cases throughout California.  If you have been involved in a car accident, contact us today for a free consultation. We can be reached through this website or by calling (866) 422-7222.

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